Ever felt the need to be connected with an altogether different shopping escapade? If your answer lies in the affirmative, then your quest ends right here within the question itself . . . The Connected Store by Rebecca Minkoff  is where you should be headed to without blinking an eyelid.


Pioneering this concept along with the eBay innovation team are the brother-sister duo Rebecca Minkoff and Uri Minkoff – One of the leading brands of today’s fashion industry.


Rebecca Minkoff, a noteworthy player in casual luxury handbags, accessories and apparel, has always believed in going above and beyond; by pushing the boundaries between fashion and technology.

Check out the video that says it all: the struggle, the journey, the anticipation and more . . .

From offering bracelets that charge a phone to dresses with a 3D print in a boutique that changes the mindsets of people accustomed to shop in a traditional manner, the brand has yet again managed to keep its competitors startled and audience in splits.


Integrated, seamless and user-friendly are just fewer adjectives to describe the beautiful technology. The smart wall and magic mirror technology, launched two years ago is the mobile, physical, e-commerce and retail all blended into one, culminating into the ultimate Minkoff experience.


Speaking on a contrasting note, where does India stand today in this regard? Mustn’t there be an initiative taken by the Indian business magnets which include the likes of The Tata’s (Trent) Group, The Reliance (Trends) Retail Group or even The Aditya Birla (Nuvo) Group considering the fact that India’s the new hub spot for investments and can raise an Indian shopper’s experience to scaling new heights? Something to ponder about . . .