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Jacqueline’s Perfect Airport Look

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We absolutely love this look! Jacqueline adds the perfect amount of fun and quirkiness to this outfit. We definitely love her white tank and denim skirt but what’s more exciting…

Be Brunch Ready || #Where&WearRecommends


Minimalistic & Uber Chic is what best describes our new favorite OLIO.  Drawing inspiration from funky elements, we love the pastel play and the minimal designs. With its newest collection…

5 Gorgeous Everyday Shoes We Love


  Shoes! We all love them and as the saying goes “girl can never have too many shoes”. There’s always a little space in our closet and a LOT of…

Easy Airport Look You Can Steal From Mallaika

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Now travelling doesn’t only mean wearing your tracks, carrying your passport and heading to the airport. Our stars now have their fashionable ‘airport carpet’ looks which they look super trendy…

Make your Hair Happy this Monsoon.


Is your long hair a problem during monsoon? We all love to flaunt our hair, but monsoon the right time for it ? You can neither avoid humidity nor the…

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How to find the right bra for yourself?

Are you wearing the right bra for your body type? Every woman is different and has a different body type. But are standard bra sizes that the shopkeeper tells you,...

Natural anti pollution beauty products

Pollution tops the list of the things that are harmful for your skin. The excessive exposure of your skin to daily pollutants damages and harm the pores, which has a...
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