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Have a look at Look What Happened


Look What Happened is a branding and design studio based in India which bridges the gap between branding and visual arts. Their products include stationery items like notebooks and diaries…

Do you have these apps yet?


Ladies Ladies! We all carry that smart phone that we use only to make calls or socialize or on a rare occasion to click a selfie. But, let us tell…

Its all about Glitter and Glam!!


  Back in the game is lots of shine and glitter, trending this summer is the glam look that you simply cannot resist. Be fierce to throw in lots of…

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How to find the right bra for yourself?

Are you wearing the right bra for your body type? Every woman is different and has a different body type. But are standard bra sizes that the shopkeeper tells you,...

Natural anti pollution beauty products

Pollution tops the list of the things that are harmful for your skin. The excessive exposure of your skin to daily pollutants damages and harm the pores, which has a...
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