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That Night in Vegas


Where : Rumi Awards at M Resort Las Vegas Wear: Evening Flowing Dress with Statement Earrings Rumi Awards form the culmination of art, music and expression from all over the globe….

A flower pot at Jamjar Diner


Where : Jamjar Diner, Andheri  Wear: Skater dress with sneakers  Zomato India categorized it as one of the hidden gems of Mumbai, with its vintage raw decor the place will…

5 Spring/ Summer 2015 trends!


It might still be all coats and furs for some of you but its already fiercely hot for the likes of us in cities like Mumbai. As we all gear…

Thrifty One!


A good deal is always worth sharing and we would like to bring to your attention an End of Season sale you cannot miss! Here is our first #Bargainreport post…

Get your red on!


Valentine’s Day, still can’t decide what to wear? We recommend to go with Red this year for your night out (yes the cliché is in!). I noticed several red carpet…

DONT SLACK – Lets do this in 2015 !


After much anticipation  2015 is finally here , as we look forward to making small little changes to some big ones,  (Hint- Stop writing 2014). So it’s inevitable that our…

Pashmina by the Bay!


Out by the bay with a mesmerizing view of the Golden Gate Bridge – enjoying at Baker’s Beach. It’s winter time in San Francisco and the weather is simply beautiful…

Ghagra Stori


During my recent visit to India I bought this long pleated cotton skirt from FabIndia (for those of you who don’t know, FabIndia sources products from all over India and mainly works…

Mask Task !


   So a little bit about my skin, it’s combination—a combination of everything. It’s acne prone, sometimes super oily and sometimes it can be dry. I follow a strict everyday…

Crane Velvet


Sophisticated and Sexy are two words I would use to describe this collection.There are few pieces I absolutely love. The versatility of these pieces really work for me , even…

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