Ladies Ladies! We all carry that smart phone that we use only to make calls or socialize or on a rare occasion to click a selfie. But, let us tell you in what other ways can you use the same phone to make your life tad bit easier and interesting.

Here, we make a list of 5 apps that you need to have at your disposal now:

1. KillSwitch

Going through a break up? Let your smart phone help you move on and KillSwitch is just the perfect app. It rubs out all things related to the ex from your social media site in just one click! Well, not only that by downloading this app, you are helping other broken hearts at American Heart Association in New York.

2. Rouse Social

Well Well, now this is an app that is quite interesting. Want to know more about your favorite celebrity or maybe know what that special friend from ages ago is upto? This is it! Rouse Social makes stalking people (we are not judging) you like and care about more comprehensive and easy!

3. Stylebook

This app is perfect for the fashionista in you. It lets you upload pictures of your wardrobe so it can help you customize your outfit, help you with closet organizing or your packing lists. Stylebook is just next level; it also tells you what’s available in the stores near you!

4. Healthtap

Life today has become so fast and hectic making it difficult for us to manage health, work and social life. Healthtap lets you consult a doctor right on your smart phone so you never ignore your health even when you are on the go.

5. Mint

Budgeting and saving, the two words that we fear but are absolutely necessity! None of us want to be broke at the end of the month while we wait for our next paycheck. Mint helps you organize your money, budget and save!

Ok Ladies! This is the end, are you downloading the apps already?

If not, go do it now and be savvy and sassy just the way we like it!