Hear hear! We, busty women finally have a brand that makes stylish bras for our size and at the same time makes sure that it is just the perfect fit. Buttercups.in is just what we need.


The whole traumatizing experience of picking out these really stylish and sexy bras, which won’t just fit right, it is exhausting and awful. I personally hate it! These bras are either spilling or are too tight that you can’t breathe and you come back home hating your curves because even if you find a bra that fits, they are mostly plain and basic and completely boring! You end up feeling as if in India if you want to wear stylish lingerie, you have to make sure you are 34C at the maximum.


Well, I hated bra shopping because I felt that no good looking bra will fit me and just because it is a necessity that I wear one, I will have to pick those boring granny types bras. Then, Thanks to Facebook ads, I came across Buttercups.in and it was like a dream come true. (Not literally, but you get the point) They have a range of such stylish and sexy bras and the best part is I get a bra that fits perfectly without me having to fix my strap or my cups. It made me love my body as it is without making me feel the need of changing myself to fit into an image and I am glad, I found it.

Here are 3 that I recommend,


 Feminine and delicate yet perfect for everyday support, thanks to the underwire


 Prettiest full cup bra ever!

An evergreen black one with slight padding is always a must have!

We totally recommend that you use their online size calculator to know your perfect size because their bra sizes may vary a bit.

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