Shoes! We all love them and as the saying goes “girl can never have too many shoes”. There’s always a little space in our closet and a LOT of place in our heart to squeeze that one new pair of shoes in.

With hundreds of different coming in and going out of trend everyday, we bring to the 5 everyday shoes which will stay in trend no matter what. When we talk about everyday shoes, we mean it. Shoes you can wear everyday with just about anything. These are 5 types of shoes every girl MUST own.

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Sneakers are what’s in right now. No, we’re not talking about running sneakers we’re talking about the trendy and super cool ones. Not only are they extremely comfortable, they can make a plain outfit look gorgeous if paired with correctly. You can wear them with just about anything and anywhere. Yes, it’s totally cool to wear them to a casual dinner even!

You could go in for basic colors such as black and white but if you want your outfit to really stand out a bright red or an electric blue would look fab!

We recommend:

Ballet Flats

These just never ever go out of trend! We wear them in and out, everyday but can never get sick of them. This simple and classic type of footwear has evolved to become extremely funky.

We recommend:

Flip Flops

No, we don’t mean chappals or bathroom slippers. We’re talking about the sophisticated flip-flops, which don’t look cheap. Not only are they extremely convenient to wear, but also your feet sometimes need to be uncovered and left open so they can breathe.  We assure you that slippers CAN be worn outside the bedroom.

We recommend:


No matter which shoes are in trend, we can just never get enough of our favorite pair of heels. They are our one and only party shoes and a club doesn’t seem like one without them. What this footwear lacks in comfort and makes up in style. Girls love being tall, and the only solution are heels which is probably why we love them so much.

What we love is how heels are trying to make themselves comfortable. We absolutely love this blend of heels with sneakers.

We recommend:


What can we say about these? There isn’t a single occasion where sandals aren’t considered appropriate. The best part about them is that there are so many styles to choose from. What we really love this season is tie-up sandals which seem to catch everyone’s eyes.

We recommend:

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