You may be the girl who is trendy, sporty, hippy, dressy or whatever else but every type of girl has one thing in common : their shared love for BAGS. And you might say – But I really don’t care. Well, unless you carry everything you need in your hands or your pockets, you own a bag,  girl! ;/


So here are 5 types of bags every girl needs :

  1. Totes:  A big or a small tote,  your best friend when it comes to bags. This is your everyday bag for your college, office or maybe your shopping spree. It has room for all your everyday stuff and more, while keeping you every bit stylish. Super versatile and easy to carry.

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  1. Clutches: A partygoer or not, every girl needs a clutch of her type. They are available in so many colors, patterns and designs, that fining a clutch that fits your style is not difficult. Just carry for essentials and flaunt a stylish clutch that will add to your look.





  1. The Cross body:  A perfect everyday go-to bag. These bags are available in so many sizes , take your pick at whatever you are comfortable with. The best part about this bag is: it’s functional and keeps you hands-free. You can carry it in the crowded locals or to a concert. Just saying !



  1. Satchels: This bag can help you with both denims and ethnic wears. It is the perfect bag that you can carry along when you do not want to dress too much or dress too less like for a semi-formal gathering, satchels can do you wonders.



  1. The weekender: A big enough bag to keep your weekend travel stylish. This bag shouldn’t just be big enough to carry your necessities for the weekend but it should also be easy to carry along.. Durability is the key for all the wear and tear of the travel. You won’t regret shelling out money on something that’s for a long run.



1 of each of these is sure to sort out all your bag related issues for good.